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Getting Back to the Gym After Covid

For many people the Covid plague had a major effect on their martial arts training. Going to the gym and rolling around with a bunch of people is the last thing you wanna do during a pandemic. However, the end is in sight. More people are getting vaccinated, and the Covid rates generally have beenContinue reading “Getting Back to the Gym After Covid”

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“Karate classes? Really?” They mocked me about it, but not now

Now they admire and respect the decision I made to start taking Karate classes all those years ago. And it’s not just because I started a martial arts school. All those lessons in my class worked their way into real life. And most of my friends and family saw that. However, no matter what martialContinue reading ““Karate classes? Really?” They mocked me about it, but not now”

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Your Martial Arts Class Survival: Keeping Your Cool

The martial arts aren’t for the faint of heart. Training puts you through every stressful situation you can think of. Nearly every trigger or button you have will be pushed. However, this is done in a safe and supportive environment. It helps you face fears, learn how to think under stressful circumstances, and it teachesContinue reading “Your Martial Arts Class Survival: Keeping Your Cool”

BJJ Near Me : The Search for a Good Gym

It isn’t easy finding a good gym or training hall. Shopping around for the right one is certainly encouraged. But how do you know when a school is good? Here are some tips for finding the perfect school! And guess what? It takes more than a quick “BJJ near me” search on google. Don’t AutomaticallyContinue reading “BJJ Near Me : The Search for a Good Gym”


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Hi, I’m Leigh. My husband Brennan and I run Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts. Most of the time I am hanging out with our clients, writing this blog, or off practicing Karate. Brennan spends his time teaching amazing classes and working on his Batman-like skills around the training hall! We both are passionate about helping people reach their goals, overcome fear, increase their fitness, and feel better about life.

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Sometimes the martial arts can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of new information out there that you’re trying to absorb. Classes seem to all have their own traditions, language, and nuances. Do you bow after class or fist bump? Do the colored uniforms mean anything? Why do we even wear uniforms? How do you actually incorporate all these martial lessons into real life? What should I do if I lose my cool on the mat? I’ve attempted to fill this blog with as much useful information for both new students and seasoned practitioners.

The martial arts truly are a lifestyle. Check out the blog and learn how this philosophical and physical hobby can change your life.

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